Activity Groups

Group NameVenueDayStartEndVacancies
A Good ReadLeader's Home2nd Fri10:3012:00Full
A Good Read 2 Leader's Home2nd Mon14:0015:30WL
Another Good ReadLeader's Homeevery 4 Fri11:1512:45WL
Astronomy Oasis Centre, Green St2nd & 4th Mon14:0015:303
Book Group - Fiction 1 Sandbach Library1st Thurs14:0015:30WL
Book Group - Non-FictionElworth Cricket Club3rd Mon14:0015:30WL
Bowls - Group 1 - SummerSandbach Park, Marriott greenWeekly Weds10:0012:00Full
Bowls - Group 1 - WinterTown Hall - Main HallWeekly Weds10:0012:005
Bowls - Group 2 - SummerSandbach Park, Lower greenWeekly Tues10:0012:0012
Bowls - Group 2 - WinterTown Hall - Main HallWeekly Tues10:0012:0016
Bowls - Group 3 - SummerSandbach Park, Lower greenWeekly Fri10:0012:00Full
Bowls - Group 3 - WinterTown Hall - Main HallWeekly Fri10:0012:00Full
Bowls - Group 5 - SummerSandbach Park, Marriott greenWeekly Thurs14:0016:004
Bowls - Group 5 - WinterTown Hall - Main HallWeekly Thurs13:3015:302
Bowls - Group 6 - WinterTown Hall - Main HallWeekly Mon13:3015:30WL
Bowls - Group 7 - SummerSandbach Park, Lower greenWeekly Tues14:0016:00WL
Bowls - Group 7 - Winter Town Hall - Main HallWeekly Fri13:3015:30WL
Bowls - Group 8 - SummerSandbach Park, Marriott greenWeekly Mon14:0016:00WL
Bowls - Group 8 - WinterTown Hall - Main HallWeekly Thurs10:0012:007
Bowls - Group 9 - SummerSandbach Park, Lower greenWeekly Weds10:3012:306
Bowls - Group 9 - WinterTown Hall - Main HallWeekly Weds13:0014:308
Brass BandElworth Scout HutWeekly Weds14:0016:006
Brewing Appreciation Study Group As advised by leader3rd Fri19:1521:15WL
Bridge 1Union St Com CentreWeekly Fri10:0012:002
Bridge 2Union St Com CentreWeekly Mon19:0021:0010
CanastaWesley Centre - Rm 12nd & 4th Weds10:0012:002
Chair Yoga - AMasonic HallFort'ly Tues13:3014:30WL
Chair Yoga - BMasonic HallFort'ly Tues14:4515:45WL
Chair Yoga - CMasonic HallWeekly Thurs14:3015:30WL
ChoirWesley Centre - Main HallWeekly Thurs14:0016:0048
Circus SkillsSandbach Health & Fitness - StudioWeekly Mon14:0015:307
Contemporary DanceWesley Centre - Main HallWeekly Mon12:3013:302
Country DancingScout Hut, Chapel StWeekly Thurs13:3015:3015
Creative Writing Masonic Hall Lounge2nd Mon10:0012:001
Cycling - Rusty Riders (Cake and Gossip)Outside Town Hall3rd Mon10:0012:30WL
Dance Fit - 1 - suspendedSandbach Health & Fitness - StudioWeekly Mon12:0013:00WL
Dance Fit - 2Wesley Centre - Main HallWeekly Weds11:1512:15WL
First AidSt Peters Church HallWhen Req Various09:4515:0014
Fitness Exercise with Football Drills & SkillsSandbach Com Football CentreWeekly Weds14:0015:0023
French ConversationMasonic HallWeekly Weds10:0012:00WL
Gardening - occasionalAs advised by leaderOcc Fri14:0015:30Full
Golf (Social Golf Group)Malkins Bank Golf ClubWeekly Weds  4
Guitar Tuition (Own Guitar) Oasis Centre, Green St1st & 3rd Fri13:3015:30WL
History - Interactive ForumSandbach Library1st & 3rd Mon14:0016:006
Keep Fit St Marys Church. Hall Weekly Fri13:3014:30WL
Luncheon Club - Pubs 1 As advised by leader4th Tues12:0012:301
Luncheon Club - Pubs 2 As advised by leader3rd Thurs12:1512:45Full
Luncheon Club - Pubs 3 As advised by leaderLast Thurs12:0012:3012
Music Appreciation Lightley Court3rd Mon10:0012:008
Needle Crafts - 1Wesley Centre - Rm 1Weekly Fri10:0012:00Full
Painting (Acrylic & Watercolour)Masonic HallAlt Weds13:0016:007
Painting - Peaceful Painting Masonic HallAlt Tues13:3015:303
Papercraft 1Vets Pavilion*Weekly Tues10:5012:20WL
Papercraft 2Vets Pavilion*Weekly Tues09:1510:451
Patchwork Winterley Community Hall2nd Thurs14:0016:002
Patchwork / QuiltingWinterley Community Hall1st & 3rd Tues14:0016:004
Petanque (French Boules) Apr to OctCrewe Bowling ClubWeekly Tues14:0016:00WL
Philosophy Masonic Hall Lounge2nd & 4th Thurs10:0012:00WL
Pilates - 1Masonic HallWeekly Thurs09:0010:00WL
Pilates - 2Wesley Centre - Main HallWeekly Mon09:3010:30WL
Pilates - 3Elworth Methodist HallWeekly Fri09:1510:15WL
Pilates - 4Masonic HallWeekly Thurs10:1511:15WL
Pilates - 5Wesley Centre - Main HallWeekly Mon10:4511:45Full
Pilates - 6Sandbach Health & Fitness - StudioWeekly Weds14:1515:15WL
Play Reading Masonic Hall Lounge1st & 3rd Tues14:0015:301
Poetry TogetherElworth Cricket ClubWeekly Thurs10:0012:002
Practical PhotographyMasonic Hall1st Fri13:3015:307
ScrabbleLightley CourtWeekly Fri10:0012:008
Sewing Wesley Centre - Rm 11st & 3rd Weds09:3012:30WL
Spanish - IntermediateWesley Centre - Henshall RmWeekly Fri14:0015:30WL
Sunday Lunch Discussion Sandbach Rugby Club3rd Sun15:00 5
Table Tennis 1Scout Hut, Chapel StWeekly Fri10:0012:00WL
Table Tennis 2Scout Hut, Chapel StWeekly Fri14:0016:003
Table Tennis 3Scout Hut, Chapel StWeekly Tues10:0012:005
Table Tennis 4Scout Hut, Chapel StWeekly Tues14:0016:00WL
Table Tennis 5Scout Hut, Chapel StWeekly Tues12:0014:001
Tai Chi Wesley Centre - Main HallWeekly Mon14:0015:00WL
Talking Travel Sandbach Library3rd Fri14:0016:004
Walking - Intermediate WalkLower Waitrose C/P2nd & 4th Mon09:3016:30WL
Walking - Long WalkLower Waitrose C/P1st & 3rd Weds09:0017:302
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 1 Lower Waitrose C/P1st Weds10:0010:005
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 3 Various4th Tues10:0014:303
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 4Various4th Weds10:0010:00Full
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 5 Various2nd Weds10:30 5
Walking - Short Walk (No Dine) Lower Waitrose C/P3rd Weds09:3009:308
Walking - Short Walk No Stile & Dine Various1st Tues10:0014:156
Walking CricketSandbach Com Football CentreWeekly Thurs14:0016:007
Walking FootballSandbach Com Football CentreWeekly Fri14:0015:3016
Walking with Dogs Various4th Mon10:0012:007
Wild Flower Identification Leader's Home2nd & 4th Tues14:0016:003
Wine TastingMembers' Homes1st Fri19:3021:30WL
Wine Tasting 2 Members' Homes2nd Fri19:3021:45WL
Wine Tasting 3Members' Homes3rd Fri19:3021:303
Wings & Wheels - TransportMasonic Hall1st Tues09:0011:0015
Yoga 1Ettiley Heath Comm CentreWeekly Tues09:1510:30WL
Yoga 2Ettiley Heath Comm CentreWeekly Tues11:0012:15Full
Yoga 4Masonic HallWeekly Thurs11:3012:451
Yoga 5Masonic HallWeekly Thurs13:0014:153
Zumba - 1Wesley Centre - Main HallWeekly Weds12:3013:30WL
Zumba - 2Sandbach Health & Fitness - StudioWeekly Tues11:0012:002