Talking Travel
Time - 14:00 PM to 16:00 PM
Week in Month - Third
Day - Friday
Venue - Sandbach Library
Attendance Fee - Standard - £1.20, PrePay - £1.00
Vacancies - 4

Keen travellers Vic and Angela proposed and lead this group “Talking Travel”  where holidays and trip advice can be shared. The group is always happy to hear new stories and accounts, please scroll down the page to find the current  meeting date and topic. 

Talking Travel Dates.      

          Friday, 19th November 2021 - "The Frozen North"

An introduction by Jinty and Geoff Pyke to a holiday experience above the Arctic Circle via a cruise up the Norwegian Coast.   This trip encompassed wonderful scenery, stormy seas and  minus 15 degree temperatures, but it was a holiday not to be missed!

Friday 21st January 2022 -"Follow the Spring North".

A talk with slides taken from her book about walking north from Lands End to John-O-Groats Christine recounts her epic adventure

          Friday 18th February 2022 - " The Caribbean Islands"

A talk with slides about the naming and history of the islands and where we can find a little sunshine in February kindly presented by Shena 

         Friday 18th March 2022 - "The Colours of India"

Stephen has kindly offered us a talk and slide show on one of his world wide travels. Excellent talk many thanks.

Friday 16th September 2022 -"Stranger in a Strange Land" 

Gillian talks about her travels in Japan

Friday 21st October 2022-"The Hill Tribes of Vietnam"

Victor and Angela tell the story of their trip and the people they encountered

Friday 18th November 2022 " A Long  Way Down South"

Brian recounts setting foot in Antarctica as part of a Hurtigruten expedition from Chile.

Friday 16th December 2022 "Five years in France"

Paula describes the pitfalls and pleasure of living in France.  

Friday 20th January 2023 " Curlylocks and the three Bears"

Peter's talk about bear tracking in Canada and Norway. 

Friday 17th February 2023 "From Cheers to the Capitol - East coast USA " 

Talk by Charlie on his trip from Boston to Washington

Friday 17th March 2023 "Uzbekistan, the Silk Road after China" 

Neil talks with pictures about the UNESCO towns of Khiva Bukhara and Samarkand

Friday 21st April 2023 " The Galapagos Islands"

Brian tells us about his trip

Friday 19th May 2023 "Don't miss the Boat " 

Charlie returns to talk about river cruises on the Rhine and Danube in Germany

Friday 15th September 2023 "The Italian Dolomites in Winter"

Mike's talk kicks off our Autumn programme on the famous mountains in NE .Italy

Friday 20th October 2023 " River Cruise on the Douro Portugal "

Alan Watkinson gives us his take on the water and port

Friday 17th November 2023 "South America & Antarctica" 

Part 1 of Alan's cruise around South America and Antarctica

Friday 15th December 2023 "A Holiday in Malta"

Joe gives us a talk on his adventures in Malta 

Friday 19th January 2024 " Perth to Darwen"

20 days on a coach trip, a talk by Brian Weld

Friday 16th February 2024 " Brazil and South America"

Part 2 of Alan's trip featuring his return from Antarctica

Friday 15th March 2024 "The Wonders of Western Canada"

Geoff and Jinty give us an account of their trip North

Friday 19th April 2024 "The West Coast of Ireland"

After his excellent ski talk on the Dolomite's Mike O'Connor visits Ireland

Friday 17th May 2024 "A Cruise down the Nile by Steam Boat"

Neil recalls his trip to the land of the Pharaohs

Friday 20th September 2024 "Road Trip Montenegro"

Vic and Angela recount their journey

Friday 18th October 2024 "The Mississippi Delta"

Peter Farrow from Alsager U3A tells us about America's deep South.

Friday 15th November 2024 " A Tour of Japan"

Alan Watkinson from Congleton U3A expands our knowledge of the far east