Spanish Lunch Group
Time - 12:30 to 14:30
Week - Various
Day - Various
Group Leader(s) - Judy Austin, email:
Venue - House
Vacancies - 2
Group Leaders
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Meetings will take place at the times, dates, and locations mentioned in the Group description.  From time to time Special Events will be added.

About the group



The Spanish Lunch group meets three times a year. We meet in each other's houses and everyone contributes Spanish food, beer and wine. We talk in Spanish for as long as we can! 

In the summer twelve of us were able to attend. In November just six of us met together, including a Spanish friend. We enjoyed all the food and drinks and entertained ourselves by telling stories that were either true or false! There were some hilarious anecdotes! 

If you can speak Spanish and would like more details of the group, please contact the group coordinator.