Recorders (Later) Group
Time - 11:00 to 12:15
Week - Weekly
Day - Wednesday
Group Leader(s) - Ray Mitchell and Sarah Jeane Raine, email:
Venue - Lace Hill Sports & Community Centre, Committee Room, Catchpin Street, Buckingham, MK18 7RR
Vacancies - 3
Group Leaders
First NameSurname
Sarah JeaneRaine
Meetings will take place at the times, dates, and locations mentioned in the Group description.  From time to time Special Events will be added.

About the group

The aim of the Recorder Group is to share the pleasure of making music together.  Members are mutually encouraging and everyone’s contribution is valued. We learn and laugh a lot!

The Recorder Group has developed into two sections which meet consecutively. The first group includes players who are less experienced, and other players who wish to develop their skills on a second instrument from the recorder range. Please note that it is not suitable for complete beginners.

The later group includes moderately and more experienced players and there is an overlap of experience between the groups. Some players choose to play in both groups but on different instruments.  Once a month the group combines into a large ensemble under the leadership of a very experienced mentor and conductor.  There are occasional opportunities for complete beginners to form an informal induction group preparatory to joining the early group.

Both groups have players with a wide range of musical knowledge and experience. Both groups have players of descant, treble, tenor and bass instruments and play an eclectic variety of music from baroque to contemporary.  We have a small collection of instruments for loan to members and a growing library of suitable music.