German in the Modern World Group
Time - 13:30 to 15:00
Week - First + Third
Day - Wednesday
Group Leader(s) - Lorna Joy, email:
Venue - Thornborough Methodist Church hall
Vacancies - 3
Group Leaders
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Meetings will take place at the times, dates, and locations mentioned in the Group description.  From time to time Special Events will be added.
We are a group of people who like to speak German. We are of varying levels of fluency and welcome anyone at any level who wants to try and speak German. Each member takes a turn at leading the group by choosing a topic and sending out a web link to stimulus material to all members. That person then chairs the discussion, allowing each member to offer their take on the topic, and then moderates the ensuing discussion. Along the way, grammar points are clarified and new vocabulary is pointed out if required. It is a lively, friendly group with a shared interest in speaking German and keeping up to date with the German-speaking world.