Calligraphy Group
Time - 14:00 to 16:00
Week - Second + Fourth
Day - Thursday
Group Leader(s) - Cheryl Dawson and Jacqueline Wilks, email:
Venue - The Centre, Verney Close
Attendance Fee - £2.00
Vacancies - Waiting List
Group Leaders
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Please see group details above for times, dates, and locations of meetings. Special events may be added from time to time.

About the group

This new group started in October 2018 and now has 12 regular members.
‘So far, we have been learning about and practising the foundation hand, Roman capitals, patterns, layout, cut and paste  and nib widths. We have made a bookmark, a small scrap book and kitchen labels and our most recent project has been to write out a favourite poem and combine this with a small illustration, we also made Christmas cards.
The key is practice, practice, practice whilst enjoying ourselves!

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