Astronomy for beginners Group
Time - 14:30 to 16:00
Week - Second
Day - Tuesday
Group Leader(s) - Mark Orchard, email:
Venue - Library ( Mezzanine)
Vacancies - 3
Group Leaders
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Meetings will take place at the times, dates, and locations mentioned in the Group description.  From time to time Special Events will be added.

This group, for beginners, held its first meeting on 9th May 2023. We learnt about getting started in astronomy, letting our eyes getting used to the dark, use of red lights, measuring the vast distances and useful apps to aid identification of the stars etc. We also found out about 2 constellations that are in the night sky all year (Ursa Major and Cassiopeia) 

The group has met monthly since and continues to find out about the night sky, especially the current constellations that are now appearing as the nights draw in. We may hold additional get-to-gethers in the evening, when there is a clear night.

Would you like to know what you see when you look up at the sky? Come along and find out about the Moon, Sun, Constellations, Asterisms, Planets, Comets and anything else that takes our interest - you will be very welcome in this  sociable and friendly group.

Contact Mark on above email