Activity Groups

Below is the current list of our activity groups. Please click on the names to obtain details.

Each group page has an email address near the top which members can use to apply to join, or to request further information.

You can read more about applying to join a group by clicking here: How to Apply to Join a Group

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Group NameWeek In MonthDayTime
A Good Read (Monthly)SecondFridayAM
Android Tablet Basics (6 Week)WeeklyTuesdayAM
Antiques & Collectables (Monthly)ThirdFridayAM
Bird Watching 1 (Monthly)FourthWednesdayAM
Bird Watching 2 (Monthly)SecondWednesdayAM
Book Group - Fiction 1 (Monthly)FirstThursdayPM
Book Group - Fiction 2 (Monthly)ThirdTuesdayPM
Book Group - Non-FictionThirdMondayPM
Bowls - Group 1WeeklyWednesdayAM
Bowls - Group 2WeeklyTuesdayAM
Bowls - Group 3WeeklyFridayAM
Bowls - Group 4WeeklyMondayAM
Bowls - Group 5WeeklyThursdayPM
Bowls - Group 6WeeklyMondayPM
Bowls - Group 7 WeeklyFridayPM
Bowls - Group 8WeeklyWednesdayAM
Bowls - Group 9WeeklyWednesdayPM
Brass BandWeeklyWednesdayPM
Brewing Appreciation Study Group (Monthly)ThirdFridayPM
Bridge 1WeeklyFridayAM
Bridge 2WeeklyMondayPM
Circle DancingSecond + FourthThursdayPM
Computing - personal laptopWeeklyThursdayAM
Country DancingWeeklyThursdayPM
Creative Writing (Monthly)SecondMondayAM
Cycling - Rusty Riders - Duracell (Monthly)SecondFridayAM
Cycling - Rusty Riders (Cake and Gossip) - MonthlyThirdFridayAM
Embracing Embroidery (Monthly)FirstThursdayAM
Environmental Action (Monthly)FourthMondayAM
Family History (6 week course)WeeklyWednesdayPM
French ConversationWeeklyWednesdayAM
Gardening (Monthly)LastFridayPM
Geology Group Year 2ThirdThursdayPM
Geology-An IntroductionFortnightlyTuesdayPM
Golf (Social Golf Group)First + ThirdWednesdayPM
Guitar Tuition Beginners (Own Guitar) - MonthlyThirdFridayPM
Guitar Tuition Improvers (Own Guitar) - MonthlyFirstFridayPM
History - 17th Century Studies (Monthly)FirstWednesdayAM
History - Interactive ForumFirst + ThirdMondayPM
History at RandomSecond + FourthMondayPM
iPad Basics (6 Weeks)WeeklyTuesdayAM
Keep FitWeeklyFridayPM
LatinFirst + ThirdTuesdayPM
Luncheon Club - Pubs 1 (Monthly)FourthTuesdayPM
Luncheon Club - Pubs 2 (Monthly)ThirdThursdayPM
Luncheon Club - Pubs 3 (Monthly)LastThursdayPM
Music Appreciation (Monthly)ThirdMondayAM
Needle Crafts -1WeeklyFridayAM
Needle Crafts -2WeeklyMondayPM
Painting - Acrylic (Fortnightly)Every OtherWednesdayPM
Painting - Watercolours (Fortnightly)Every OtherWednesdayPM
Painting - Peaceful PaintingEvery OtherTuesdayPM
Papercraft 1WeeklyTuesdayAM
Papercraft 2WeeklyTuesdayAM
Patchwork - IntermediateSecond + FourthThursdayPM
Patchwork / QuiltingFirst + ThirdTuesdayPM
Petanque (French Boules) Apr to OctWeeklyTuesdayPM
Philosophy 1 (Monthly)ThirdThursdayAM
Philosophy 2 (Monthly)FourthThursdayAM
Photography - Moving OnFirstFridayPM
Photography - Using a Compact CameraThirdFridayPM
Pilates - 1WeeklyThursdayAM
Pilates - 2WeeklyMondayAM
Play Reading First + ThirdTuesdayPM
Poetry TogetherWeeklyThursdayAM
Ram & Chips (Monthly)FourthMondayAM
Reading Aloud (Monthly)ThirdTuesdayAM
Sewing with StyleFirst + ThirdWednesdayAM
Table Tennis 1WeeklyFridayAM
Table Tennis 2WeeklyFridayPM
Table Tennis 3WeeklyTuesdayAM
Table Tennis 4WeeklyTuesdayPM
Tap DancingWeeklyTuesdayAM
UkuleleFirst + ThirdThursdayPM
Walking - Intermediate (Monthly)SecondThursdayAM
Walking - Long (2 or 3 walks Monthly)Third + FourthWednesdayAM
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 1 MonthlyFirstWednesdayAM
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 2 MonthlySecondTuesdayAM
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 3 MonthlyFourthTuesdayAM
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 4 MonthlyFourthWednesdayAM
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 5 MonthlySecondWednesdayAM
Walking - Short Walk & Dine 6 MonthlyFirstTuesdayAM
Walking - Short walk (No Dine) MonthlyThirdWednesdayAM
Walking FootballWeeklyFridayPM
Walking with Dogs (Monthly)SecondMondayAM
Wild Flower Identification (Weekly)WeeklyTuesdayPM
Wine Tasting (Monthly)FirstFridayPM
Yoga - ChairWeeklyThursdayAM
Yoga 1WeeklyTuesdayAM
Yoga 2WeeklyTuesdayAM
Yoga 3WeeklyWednesdayPM
Your GroupFirstMondayAM